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I think that managers feel as if the burden of pension and insurance premiums are larger than the national tax. In today’s tax system, social insurance premiums are more influential on cash flow than taxes themselves.

There is no fear of “decreasing sales” or “lack of clients.” But the real trouble is not having anyone to consult with regarding taxes. Consultation partners who give appropriate tax advice is essential for doing business in a complex society.

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. -Albert Einstein

“No problem can be solved in the same dimension as it occurred” is a famous quote by Einstein. Even if you try to overcome the problem you may not be able to solve it because the true cause is found in places that the parties normally do not think of. The solution exists outside of the problem.

Three viewpoints of problem-solving are (1) Environmental  (2) Structural (3) Identity perspective. For example, if I borrowed 3 million yen this month, by the end of the next month, another 3 million will be needed again. How can I earn the same amount? Considering the problem of money within the same layer as money from ① the environmental point of view means you will not get out of the debt loop. From ② the structural viewpoint “The business model is wrong.” or ③ “My parents always fought because of debts so it’s part of my identity.” It’s important to divide it into two, (1) What can you can do right now? 2) If you cannot do anything now, how can you move to ① to create some action or execution?


There is a dream that I want to realize. The gap between that dream and reality is a problem (a mountain I want to overcome). Because I have a dream that I want to realize, I address the problem (mountain).

Some people do not mind mountains. Some people think that the mountains are too high. What you think you cannot solve is not a problem, it’s a thought condition. What you do in that situation becomes important. It’s your job to figure out your company’s top priority most simply and then devise a plan and arrange the conditions to respond to changing external conditions (society, competition, law, tax system).

There is no problem in business that cannot be solved if we create a sense of security and work on it together. There will always be problems in business but we don’t always have to face them alone. A dedicated tax accountant can visit monthly to work with you on your business challenges together.



For corporations

Year Transaction Amount Less than 50 million yen Less than 100 million yen Less than 500 million yen
Advisory fee ¥33,000/M ¥48,000/M ¥78、000/M
¥26,400/M ¥38,400/M ¥62,400/M



◾private business

Year Transaction Amount Less than 20 million yen Less than 50 million yen Less than 100 million yen
Advisory fee ¥26,100/M ¥38,000/M ¥53,000/M
¥14,400/M ¥22,400/M ¥30,400/M



◾Tax document fee

For corporations private business
Tax document fee ¥180,000〜 ¥98,000〜
¥144,000 ¥78,400



◾Bookkeeping service

Basic fee ¥5,000 ¥4,000+¥100×Number of transactions


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