”Starting a business is easy, but keeping it going is the hard part.”



Do you remember when you decided to start a business or start your own business?

You were thrilled to envision your dream the way you wanted it to be. An entrepreneur is a person who provides value and inspiration to society and continues to challenge himself or herself with his or her dreams.

Unfortunately, a tax accountant is not an entrepreneur. I would describe myself as independent as a tax accountant. Independence means taking on work from organizations or entrepreneurs using one’s own skills and expertise. However, our tax accounting firm is a tax accounting firm full of entrepreneurial spirit that aims to support entrepreneurs who continue to pursue their dreams and indirectly provide value and inspiration to society.

Starting a business is easy, but keeping it going is the hard part. 

Many business owners would agree with this. Our tax accounting firm aims to alleviate the stress related to cash flow by showing you how to create a cash flow chart. We are also a tax accounting firm that focuses on supporting business continuity in the future based on this chart. We believe that there are many people who know that it is an important chart, but find it difficult to make it when the time comes. If you are such a business owner, please contact us at the following address.

IKEDA Certified Public Tax Accountant Office

(Miki Ikeda Certified Public Tax Accountant Office) 

Address: High Life Mita 708, 3-7-13 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-6435-4647

E-mail: info@smile-accountant.jp

Nearest Station: JR Line Tamachi Station 10 minutes / Takanawa Gateway Station 15 minutes / Toei Asakusa Line Sengakuji Station 10 minutes

Registered Tax Accountant Registration No. 124623

Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountants Association Shiba Branch