Tax savings is the reduction of profits by purchasing goods and services. Investment is essential to the growth of an entrepreneur’s dream. It may be recruiting personnel, spending money on advertising, or paying for the costs of developing the product or service. Cash is always needed for these things. Cash is the lifeline of a business. Buying unnecessary items to save on taxes will ultimately weaken the basic strength of the company.

The reason it is better not to overdo tax savings is to maintain accurate financial statements. Financial statements are to entrepreneurs and business owners what a pilot’s airplane instruments are to a pilot’s plane: they are the instruments by which he or she conducts business. They look at the financial statements and ask themselves, “Am I making a profit? Are we making money?” “Are we spending money we don’t have?” And so on. If there are unnecessary expenses for tax-saving reasons, they will be reflected in the financial statements. If you try to cut unnecessary expenses because you are not making a profit, you will not know if the expenses were intentionally incurred for tax-saving purposes or not. Excessive tax savings can render the financial statements useless. An airplane cannot reach its destination properly if its instruments are out of whack.

A “tax accountant” advises clients on how to file tax returns correctly and acts as an agent for various tax-related matters with tax authorities. Our value-added service is not “tax reduction,” but rather consulting services to support the business journey. We help clients realize their dreams, pay appropriate taxes, and give back to society. We believe this is the noble way to deal with taxes.

Fee Guide

Tax advisory fees vary depending on the amount of annual transactions and the client’s various circumstances. We will determine the fee after a separate meeting. Please be assured that we do not charge by the hour for each meeting.

Please refer to the following for a rough estimate of our tax accountant’s fees.

For corporate clients

 Monthly advisory fee from 20,000 yen / Closing fee from 80,000 yen

Sole proprietor

 Monthly advisory fee from 8,000 yen / Closing fee from 30,000 yen

Bookkeeping service

    Basic fee 5,000 yen + 80 yen x number of journal entries (including ledger preparation fee)