I became interested in international cooperation because of a book I happened to find in the library.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, a city that was hit by the earthquake and tsunami, I realized that I could not help people in need unless I had expertise, and that my desire to help was not enough. I joined an international NGO as an accountant because I thought that although I could not do anything on my own, I could indirectly contribute to international cooperation by contributing in the area of accounting. Later, I worked with a local partner organization in a city in northern Iraq to provide peace education for children.

Based on these experiences, I provide consulting, accounting, and tax support to entrepreneurs who are taking on challenges with dreams of providing value and inspiration to society and the world, and to NPOs and NGOs who are trying to solve problems at home and abroad. Together we make a lot of money by increasing the number of sympathizers, and in particular, I tell them the importance of cash flow, saying, “Make sure you also make a good cash flow statement.”

Sharing your story and increasing the number of sympathizers is important for starting a business. Because the goal is not to sell your product or service to the people who need it. The goal is to increase the number of people who believe in your vision with you.

This is also important when hiring people. You should hire people who share your vision. If you hire someone because they can just “get the job done,” they will work for the money. But if you hire someone who shares your dream, they will work with you to achieve it. That’s why it’s important to have a clear entrepreneurial story.

Now, tell us your dream that you want to achieve. It’s your turn !


 August 2005 – March 2009: Worked at a tax accountant’s office (Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture)

 December 2011 Passed the 61st Certified Public Tax Accountant Examination (No. 49495)

 January 2011 – August 2015: In charge of accounting, auditing, internal auditing of overseas offices, acquisition of certified NPOs, etc. at an international NGO.

 〜R2.3  Auditor,   Citizens Network for TICAD


 Auditor, NGO Safety Management Initiative (JaNISS)

 Auditor, Ayusu Network for International Cooperation in Buddhism (AYUSU)

 Adviser, Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)

 Auditor,  Heiwa Mura United (Peace Village United)

 Board member, Ginza Environment Conference

 Auditor,  NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)

 Auditor, Mekong Watch

 Secretary,  Shiba Branch of Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association

 Member of Tax Education Promotion Committee (Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association Shiba Branch)